Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Notes from Banff- Take 1

So, here is the first installment of some stuff I jotted down in the mad chaos that was Banff:

Books to check out:

"Modus Vetus" (tonal) and "Modus Novus" (atonal) by Lars Edlund (ear training books)
(If you think you have a good ear, sing through some of the shit out of modus novus and get your ass kicked. then get inpsired!)

Elementary Training for Musicians - Paul Hindemith

Simple Composition - Charles Warriden

Notation - John Cage

Ear Training:

Make up your own rules

Ways to Practice:
1. Sing large intervals up and down at random (test occasionally with the piano)
2. play triads (in different inversions) and figure out different intervals based on that triad (might need 2 people)
3. try hearing unconventional intervls inside the chord (i.e. b6)
4. play extremely wide intervals (above two octaves in range) and figure them out
5. sing thru all scales (major, all minors, modes, dim WT, etc)
- Now sing these scales in patterns - intervals of 3rds, 4ths, etc i.e. C E D F E G, etc
- sing them in different rhythms - 8th, triplets, off beats,

* make the metronome different rhythms: 1 nd 3, 2nd 4, dotted half, dotted quarter, etc

start practice with the most important things – don’t allow for ‘structured procrastination’

make sure to have a clean, well lit space to work in

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