Monday, August 24, 2009

All is not lost!

Though many of us know how lackluster the food culture in America's southeast can be, I experienced a wonderful little bright spot the other day when driving through Alabama. From the highway, all you can really see in driving through Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and probably most of America is Exxon's, Burger King's, Waffle Houses, Walmarts, and all the shit that makes you think the country is going to the birds. However, in looking for a vegetarian place to eat on a road trip with my mom, we found a place called Grace's Fajita Shack or some such unassuming name. Let me tell you, it was amazing - a little pink house with a walk up window and a hand done menu advertising that all of their food was prepared in house (pun intended) with local and organic produce! In ALABAMA! I also saw a sign for It really shifted my thinking as far as some of the harsh criticisms I often level against the southeast. Apparently, there still are people down there who are trying fight the continual degredation of our food supply. Yay!

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Jamison said...

hell yeah! I have had similar experiences (obviously, since I live here in the god-forsaken southeast). More and more restaurants that offer locally grown meat and produce are sprouting up. And more and more publications of similar sentiments are showing up. I think its starting to make more sense to move in this direction. Maybe people are finally getting fed up! (pun slightly intended)