Sunday, November 8, 2009

What the fuck?!

I went and saw a showing of "Food, Inc." last night - not because I want more information about how fucked our food system is, but because I was meeting some people there that I had to talk to about a catering gig. ANYWAY - of course, the movie highlighted how fucked the food system is (surprise!) and instead of feeling relieved at my own divergence from our popular food culture, I started feeling incredibly upset for the poor and low income communities that are adjacent to my own. Not to confuse you, I am poor. I am currently without steady employment. But what I've found is that in Chicago, a low income person like myself is eligible for $200 a month in food stamps. $200 a month! For that much, I can afford to eat exclusively organic food! This just highlights that regardless of your income level, you CAN afford to feed yourself and your family in a healthful and sustainable way. At this point, it is simply education and priorities that contribute to the recent statistic that 1 in 2 minority children born after 2000 will get diabetes. And that obesity, not just being over-weight, is hitting MOST people in our country. I don't really know what I can do, but I feel compelled to do something. Anything. Thoughts?


Jamison said...

Jeremy - I am right there with you man! I meant to see that movie when it came to the Belcourt in Nashville, but couldn't go. We do need to do something - its crazy you posted this, because ellen and I just today talked about having Gerald (total food guru, holistic medicine, etc) eventually helping to do stuff at the center on healthy living and eating (and how that contributes HEAVILY to how people think and learn.) Lets talk sometime on the phone and discuss what we can do to start off, at least with our friends and family!

courtenay said...

Most of the time when I get thoughts like these my brain always turns to the same thing.
People will either figure it out or they won't. All I can ever hope to do is help at least one person a day think about something in a way they never have before. Collective change will either come or it won't. The world will inevitably find balance again regardless of whether the guy next to me is eating veal or not.

I find warm comfort in the universal constant that chaos always finds order.

Then finds chaos again.