Monday, January 18, 2010

stained radiance

something i've wanted to explore for a long time. beautiful concept. art of impermanence at its best.


jeremy said...

Dig it! It's funny that for a visual artist to not lock down his creation in time (ie, keep the image on the canvas and file it away) it seems so foreign, but for a musician, the default is transience, impermanence, and making our temporary offering to the gods... by the way, the word I have to type in at the bottom to verify I'm not a robot is "hymine". I know it's not quite the same as "hymen", but come on, that's pretty damn close. Like "phuk" or something...

courtenay said...

I too can speak only because of some random word I must type. This word calls itself "bazate."

This vide is awesome. I love two things about it:

1. The guy's name is Norton.

2. This is what art truly is: pure, spontaneous expression to, as Leon put it, "the gods." And that means something different to everyone. As is damn well should.