Sunday, January 4, 2009

pleasant realizations...

... upon discussions with jeremy, i have come to more fully realize my importance as a musician and artist: via many philosophies of Joseph Campbell, I've seen that we have a vital role in helping maintain the ever present "mystery" and help create ever evolving perspectives on our life experiences as humans.... among many other things. I feel like our culture doesn't necessarily remind us of these things, so its important we do so for ourselves

.. . i have been doing a lot more meditating and singing with drones lately, as well as incorporating those into my more frequent yoga routine. I have had some deeply profound experiences which, in all honesty, cannot be done justice with words. suffice it to say, i highly suggest people explore this world more... if you haven't already :)

... I met up with some friends recently who were from out of town. They were into old school country and dancing, so I met them on Broadway, normally a place I avoid like the plague, mainly due to my probably unfairly assessed stereotypes of the kinds of people who hang out there (tourists, rednecks, douchebags, etc) However, the bar we went to had a slammin' band that played everything from texas swing to 50s rock, and many other styles.... really damned well.... and they didnt stop or take breaks... and they were playing for tips (and thus for the love) and there are numerous joints of this nature in Nashville downtown... along with of course a surprisingly varied group of crazy folks which helps the people watching parameter of going out. so.... even though I went to Austin a while back for the first time and said to myself "why cant nashville be more like this place" I am ever so slowly coming to realize the great and unique qualities of nashville. no place is perfect, just like no person is perfect, and coming to know its idiosyncrasies, both inspiring and even annoying, can ultimately be the best path to take

... I've had a number of realizations lately, but I will save them for a time when my hand isn't fucked up from falling down the stairs last night (a near injurious experience, and thus I have a new appreciation for life!.... if living isn't in part the constantly growing love with living, than I don't know what living is about... haha! thanks for being my friends and please feel free to use this blog as a place to smatter your thoughts like neon green spray paint from the vandals fist!

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