Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Favorite Things

I just want to share the fact that I'm having a day worth remembering. And it just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I've had almost no human interaction, excepting a few text messages and a couple brief exchanges with the floor staff of the Handlebar. Wonderful lunch, bass clarinet practice, "So What" on the rhodes with stacked 4ths, two hours of walking on a sunny/cloudy day and getting caught in a perfect spring shower, becoming acquainted with Ramsey Lewis, and looking forward to seeing the Brad Mehldau solo piano show with a beautiful woman I'm totally smitten over. Reading Siddhartha and Ishmael, cleaning my bathroom and just fucking ENJOYING EVERYTHING! Oh yeah, and I recently discovered my zipper has been down pretty much all day. Hoorah!!

1 comment:

Jamison said...

dude - fuck yes. keep up the good work~! im gonna come back to spiralsonic hard!