Wednesday, June 24, 2009

from the cocoon

freed from the cocoon
i can
feel my wings
built over my entire life

freed from the cage
of doubt
judgement and fear
built over my entire life

its the sun, that freed me
it is this star, one of millions that
on its longest day, pushed me out
on its strongest wave, a scream a shout

waking me up from encrusted dream

had something put me to sleep?

to be angry, resentful?

to be thankful, joyful

series of infinitesimal moments
gather together, break apart
only WE decide to organize them
it is in THIS series of moments I allow myself

free reign

express my life
with all i do
without the demons

voices that judge
presence that lingers

no need to quiet them
i will choose to ignore them
they are the residue of mucus that used to bind me

and if there is but a film left on my skin
i will glance at it and remember
how it used to
surround me

laughing at its growing insignificance.


jcox3000 said...

Yes yes y'all, and ya don't stop! I love the imagery and the fresh way of expressing feelings of yours that I know I've heard in less abstract terms. I wonder if we could start thinking like this instead of in more common "concrete" ways...

Jamison said...