Monday, July 20, 2009

birthday thoughts

Well shit. Looks like there will be another one lingering around this train one more time one more year. I've passed the finish line yet again. Seems to always happen around the same time. 

As long as the door slams behind me and not in front I'm a content little muchacho

Tonight was Taco Night and that was a good thing. Who knows what tomorrow has in my store. Shouldn't sell it anything anyway anyhow inie not an outie. How aboutie that. 

The grays are making more since these days hovering up there like slender breeze dancers. You can taunt me all you want but I've still got some blond on my side. Got some on my top. My top that tops my top. It's light like the sunny rain, whatever that means.

I guess being old means I can be mean. 



jcox3000 said...

You make it sound like you're hitting your late 50's! Old disgruntled Courtenay... Glad you can still enjoy Taco Night!

courtenay said...

Yeah it was typed as an old disgruntled Courtenay would have typed it.