Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come Back Around

What once was lost is now no longer needed
What once was missed is now simply remembered
Today I awake feeling that something is different
Nothing has changed, but something is different.

The lightness of the spring-in-summer morning is everything to me
I require nothing! I need nothing more than what is immediately given
Satisfaction is implicit in my smile - words can't touch it
Let me breathe in the clouds and be done with it

Right now, I can love anyone that confronts me-
The homeless guy by the train station,
The convenient store clerk on his cell phone,
The girl coming out of the bathroom with a her "face" on,
The woman yelling profanities from the bus stop across the street,
The Mexican man pushing the jingling jangling fruit cart,
Those who have insulted me,
Those who have scorned me,
Those who make me feel small,
Those whom I am indifferent to,
The legions of everyone else that I try to avoid-
Come to me! Let me touch your face! I will love you now!
I couldn't before, but now, right now, I can! Let me bless you!

And so the day begins. Spring will give way to summer and fall.
The feelings may pass like every day,
But that does not invalidate the sincerity of this morning,
It is not less for being impermanent.


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