Wednesday, July 15, 2009

natal chart

just got a natal chart done - thought id post some excerpts (from the first half) that I felt resonated pretty deeply. I'm hoping to eventually get a professional chart done in the future. I'm curious about the actual "chart" that involves the circle with lines (an oversimplified description) because mine has very few lines in it and the descriptions seem very close, yet ellen's had shit tons of lines and didn't seem especially close. wonder if there is any significance. anyway, heres some of the info:

Virgo rising:
dishevelled in a studied way. You appear younger than your actual age or at least your eyes themselves. This could be because you are quite health-conscious.
preoccupation with things being "just so" characterized by an ongoing criticism of what is happening around you. it would be better to identify quite what that part is, and look after it, rather than wind up feeling totally isolated and allergic to life's unavoidable impurities. also, you can appear to be watching ever slightest move or detail. you attract sensitive or creative types who possibly require your subtle attentiveness.

Sun: Sagittarius
Your essential purpose in life is to further and discover more about whatever it is that you regard as important. To enable you to accomplish this you are very able to grasp the whole meaning of any subject that appeals to your sizable enthusiasm. There is always a danger of running away with yourself and over-looking details, as you get carried along by your zest and full-blown opinions. However, because you are a good manager of things and know how to get the best out of people and circumstances, you have probably equipped yourself with something or someone that keeps you grounded by practical considerations. Some kind of goal, vision or belief is of paramount importance in making sense of your life and use of your prolific nature.
You also, in an impersonal way, like to create friction for it gives you the feeling that things are on the move. Yours is probably the most positive sign for the simple reason that you see life as an opportunity. So it doesn't matter too much how difficult the road ahead may look, it is still a road - and roads go places!

Moon in Gemini:
Your reigning need is to feel constantly in touch with what is going on around you. Equally, you have a natural sense of what is happening at street level so to speak. Such a common touch as you have, and the ready wits and gift of the gab that accompany it, you are only too able to keep things light and manageable. That is, until your emotional responses to life around you become inappropriately superficial. You then find what you are doing on either a personal or professional level ceases to have enough permanence or depth of satisfaction - and is therefore worrying you to death and keeping you awake at nights.
The formula that 'you only get as good as you give' is a very apt one for you. An important point in your development is when you consciously commit yourself to a deeper involvement with whatever life is demanding of you and then trust your mental alacrity and your ability to dodge and weave when necessary, in order to negotiate the tricker reefs of human interplay.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Your mind is searching for a meaning to life and it wants to be employed in a meaningful way. You perceive things with an eye for opportunity and have an enthusiastic way of expressing yourself verbally - although you can say a but too much on occasions! You have a broad grasp of general life issues and cultural trends that can sometimes cause you to overlook details and mistake opinions for facts. Your vibrant mentality should avoid occupations that make you feel confined or restless and should instead pursue situations which involve travel and/or variety and that have some social significance.

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