Saturday, June 26, 2010

you are to use this body you are to dance.
go learn from the masters the language of the body and find your dance.
you will create and recreate this dance many ways and many times and make it known and yours and illuminating and powerful and one with your vision and you will make it lightening and levity and lifting off into space above the building you build.

you are moving quickly and at the right pace and the building is nearly complete.

this is your inner building. the outer forms later, after the inner is complete and set on the trusting process of journey and every time you overcome a fear you build a wall a floor you install a high beam and this is a building of light – tensile, strong, impossible to “break” because the paradigm of destruction no longer applies to your life because you are beyond breaking now.

this building of light is your soul’s home, temple, playground, theater, church, mosque, office and only after it has become these things and do not despair, it can become them quickly and in a time-passage you might not expect, it is all up to your willingness to go where your fear sleeps, to wake it and ride it into itself where you will find a dear friend an ally a powerful being you need to call on access send out into the world as an ambassador – only then will the outer building of “income” and “profession” manifest for you.

did you know you are to let all your selves out to play?
no more trying to be one self.
this is the paradox of wholeness, of health.
this is what most of you cannot see, but many of you sense.

this the way to your holiness.
to manifest a myriad of selves, this is joy, this is the beauty and fun of life on this plane.
the power.
the exhilaration.
unpack your armor and let all your selves out to play.

and yes, the grounding is important.
you have a ground of Being on which you reside and stand firmly and connecting to this will keep you “sane” as you call it.
this has to do with levity and is another paradox to understand and unpack later.
come back to this.
it is important.

but for now, know that the world is waiting and needs all your selves.

and you will find they continue to come, one waiting behind every door in your deep Being and behind every door behind every door, and yes, as you suspect, they are infinite, these doors, and you do contain multitudes within multitudes and it is for you to learn how to access
release contain grow
nourish lead guide
and challenge them, give them pathways to self-mastery, and this is what is meant when I say that you all need to learn the art of mothering
the heart of mothering.

a spiritual mother, unconstrained by physical form, can give birth to a thousand thousand selves, beings, incarnations, such is her creative power and each of you has this within you.

and yet you decide on one for your whole life?
why commit this imprisonment of the soul?
why lose your light so easily?

these are the disenfranchised and as long as they lie unawakened in your own inner graves there will always be those deeply disenfranchised ones on the outside and the way to healing and wholeness is not to lock them up even more deeply but to let them out, give them ground for standing and it is for you to see that your way is illness this way you follow and worship like a god, this idea of being one self forever through time and space.

and yes, this is the madness you all fear.
go toward it. it is a beauty you cannot imagine and it will be your cure.
it looks like madness but only from where you are, it is not that serious or dis-astrous, it is simply the Divine playing.
the Divine Story unfolding in form, time and space.
this is your bliss.
your calling is deeply connected to it.
you know this.

this is the deep, deep forest – go in and dance.

(others will come.
they will not be able to stay away.
and this will be your “in-come.”)

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