Saturday, September 27, 2008

a little brag...

Just recently two interesting points have come up in my life that I wanted to share. The first is, that I had a satirical article accepted for publication in a new Chicago arts magazine called Stockyard. I think most of you are familiar with the piece that was accepted - it was my pseudo art review from the first issue of Put Out or Get Out. And they're going to pay me!

Secondly, I'm not sure if I have shared this already, but my new boss (who never actually works in the shop), did not make most of his money selling mysterious herbs via the internet, but is actually a music engineer/producer and has produced several albums for the Flaming Lips among others (his name is Keith Cleversly). Apparently, he took a little time away from the studio, but is wanting to get back into it. Today at work, he put a note on the online bulletin board saying that he wants to experiment with some things in the studio and needs a recording to play around with, so we're putting together a ragtag group at work that he will produce, record, and mix for free in his studio! Right now, the lineup looks like me on drums, the rapper mentioned in the previous post on vocals, a bassist that plays jungle/house music, and a guitarist/keyboardist that comes from a rock background. It's gonna be ridiculous!

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Jamison said...

Fuck yeah man! you had told me about the article - and Im not surprised they loved it. keep up the writing. - Let us know when it comes out - definitely gotta get a copy. Hell yeah about your boss - things are amovin' and ashakin'!