Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two things...

First: Jen Rock - I'm not sure if I have met you but welcome to spiralsonic! Also, randomly enough, I accidently stole Jeremy's CD of Deek Hoi - which by the way, I really enjoyed. So, cheers to you Jen Rock, and Jeremy, I will be getting that CD back to you soon.

Second: I just got an amazing deal on a Silvertone Accordion (made in Italy, woowoo) - an instrument I have wanted for many years. And perhaps one of the most pervasive instruments in all the world (and way hipper than people give it credit for!) So I of course have been listening to much Guy Klucesvek and Guido Deiro. Perhaps their talents will slowly wash over me as I bellow and moan. " bring out the barrels..... bring out the barrels of fun!"

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