Monday, April 21, 2008

cosmic overtones

Finally my first post to the spiralsonic landscape! Spiralsonic. An appropriate name choice indeed. I have always basked in the warmth of knowing that the art that I have devoted my life to is connected to the cosmos on so many primal and organic levels. The physics of sound and the physics of nature are twisted together like the DNA strand (which so happens to also be a spiral...). And so my life's quest is formed around something tangible yet intangible. Something stable yet unstable. I have always found music in the oddest of places. Most of the music I hear does not involve musicians, written music or even instruments. Most of the music I hear is what I call "the dance of probablities." Rustling leaves here, bird chirps there, a plane going overhead. And somehow all of it locking into this primal time that is often as amusing as any Brahams symphony. Cage heard it. Ives heard it. And Beethoven was pissed he didn't hear it. Although somehow I bet he still did... 

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