Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet another night of sonic joy!

Last night I managed to have yet another evening of immense musical awesomeness!  First off I played with Raul Malo, which was a fun, flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants adventure which included some fun soloing, high notes, and latin shit (which I can't get enough of)

Later I checked out the Rabbit Press "Art Carnival."  What a fantastic party!  one of the best I've been to in a while (even though I was flying solo.)  Great music, diverse and fun crowd, and cool art/culture magazine.  I spoke with the editor and chief about POGO, hopefully we can make connections down the road.  two thumbs up for building a community of artists!
And THEN after THAT at 2 Am (it was a long night) I went to 91.1 WRVU Radio station to check out some ORE Theatre Intangible for some experimental electronic music.  Tony Youngblood is the DJ and mastermind behind the project and completely destroyed an hour set of purely improvised electronic bliss.  We talked a while about experimenetal music in Nashville (also some about Tom Waits... because,... well, he's the fucking coolest)  and hopefully there will be sonically communal growth in that dept as well.  All in all I have a few conclusions to draw:

1)  music in nashville is actually fucking great and is only getting better.  There are numerous burgeoning scenes sprouting left and right of various most excellent genres

2)  I feel a sense of the future, for art, music ... even culture.  With the technological and communication levels heightening to such incredible degrees, there are immense possibilities for people to connect and empower their causes in ways never before seen!

3)  I don't feel so alone in my desire to build a community of creative artists and musicians who are like-minded and want their voices to be heard.  

Hoorah for last night!  

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jcox3000 said...

Dang buddy, sounds like you were raging through the night. I hope that pic of the trumpet player isn't you... no offense. I'm glad to hear about the connections. I predict that in the next six months, some earth shaking shit is going to go down.

bro. j