Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome to SpiralSonic!

Many of you may wonder what the hell is going on here.  Especially those of you I invited to become a part of this "blog-o-sphere."  Well, I decided to try and create an online community of sorts.  I understand that some of you I invited to be might not have spoken with me in a long while, but what better way to reconnect than via internet, the brutally crashing wave of the future!  I wish our world didn't revolve around such a deluge, but we really only have two options: surfs up or man overboard.  

The name 'spiralsonic' is derived from my belief that, other than the fact that the spiral is a very powerful form in our universe, I like to believe that practically every thing we do, and every way we grow, moves in a spiral.  This may be spiraling inwards: towards a more focused and powerful center; or spiraling outwards: covering more ground, and understanding more our world.  

Obviously sound and our manipulation and experience with sound as 'music' or 'art' is no different.  So ultimately, this is a forum for like-minded individuals to converge, discuss, inform, complain, inspire, and celebrate our experiences with sound, specifically through venues of creative music.  

I understand that many of you will read this, ponder it a moment, and move on with your lives, which is absolutely fine and/or dandy.  However, if you would like to connect with other artists, musicians and creative people in such a way, please feel free to contribute posts, images, audio, video, or whatever else this new-fangled blog world can accommodate.  I also hope this finds everyone well and on a constantly spiralling path towards a larger, yet more focused path in their quest for sonic nirvana.  

¡ namaste !  

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