Wednesday, August 13, 2008

clarity in the midst of exhausting

hey all (or few rather)

just wanted to say thanks for adding to this. I want to say that I've had some issues that have grown and evolved over the years, but I finally think I'm on the way out of the clouds. I still have some mist around me, but I am seeing the clear. and I speak in metaphor about my feelings towards my musical output, and compositional self-criticality, if thats a word. i feel like all of us are isolataed in a number of ways, but there is no reason why we can't stir things up where we are, and share our experiences. i am planning on breaking throgh my writing shell, slowly but surely, and seeing what happens. Let me just say that I appreciate you guys listening to me about whatever musical issues have come to pass - we all love music and want to experience it in the deepest and most intimate way possible - and that aint easy, - a constant life journey that we love. anyway, i have no battery power left - and Im stoned riding on a bus to NYC. fuckit all and lets make music!


Jamison said...

wow - you were obviously drunk and stoned when you wrote that - your words are all jumbly and your ideas all blurry. for shame. for shame.

cmoonII said...

for shame? for shame??? no, no... for love!!!