Wednesday, August 20, 2008

postings with the mostings

man, i must say I am jealous of you Jeremy. Sounds like things are really kicking ass in Chi-town. Although, I will say I have had a frighteningly great time touring with this band. Everyone is a great person and amazing musician, and I feel as though this experience is really inspiring in the ways of song writing. there are some seriously talented song writers here and I've started dabbling in that dept. lately. its definitely been helping me find my musical voice(s) and i'm going to work in a dave douglas way of moving in a few directions - because that is totally fine goddamnit.

anyway, i've been layering stuff to some material Jeremy has sent me. Courtenay and others, if you are interested in this project of adding and sending, please speak now or forever hold your piece (of equipment...???) I'm hoping when I get home to start writing some of my own material for this type-o-thang. I'm very excited about being a part of the new record label POGO. Lets see if this add and send project can really materialize into the first album. eh?!

ok, i shall now go look at the goodness jeremy has posted up. you guys should tell john N. and Matt Aurand and Josh H. and Adam B. and any of the crevulators and anyone else you want to join this here thing - i feel like it could move in a new direction of creating and collaborating on music projects. what say ye?! if this happen we will build an email list for everyone to send files back and forth (i advise getting a gmail account for the space - even though google is big brother. yay!

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jcox3000 said...

I'm so glad you're jumping into it. Glad to hear the tour went well, too. I just read an article in the New York Times about David Byrne and Brian Eno employing a similar concept of sending info and songs from New York to London for an album their releasing. It can work!