Monday, August 11, 2008

hexatonic goodness...

Theory Dorks Unite!!!

Alright! I thought I'd share a cool scale that I obtained from the guitarist Jimmy Herring of Aquarium Rescue Unit fame. I'm not exactly sure what the scale is called but for my purposes I have been referring to it as the Herring Scale. The scale is built by combining any two Major triads that are separated by a tritone. All six notes are arranged low to high to form a hexatonic or six note scale. 
For example:

G Major triad - G  B  D

Db Major triad - Db  F  Ab

When all six notes are combined in order they form the following scale:

G   Ab   B   Db   D   F   G

This scale has a very "Eastern" sound to it and sounds very hip over an altered dominant chord. Give it a whirl!!!  


jcox3000 said...

You are a dork! I love it!

Jamison said...

hell yeah - I remember when you told me about that scale. I shall dig deep and get muddy

cmoonII said...

It's a comment race!!! Looks like jcox is in the lead!!!!