Wednesday, August 20, 2008

current projects.

Hey dudes, so it looks like I'm the only one posting right now... fuck it, though, I gots lots goin on. I wanted to give you guys some info on a couple of groups I'm playing with right now. Interestingly enough, both are headed up by guys that already have all the material together and had put together full albums with them playing all of the instruments. Nice guys to hitch a wagon to (so to speak). I'm playing drumset in one called "Candytown" that will take a performative, theatrical approach (think Tom Waits' "Big Time"). You can check out the leader's style on youtube at:
We're not playing that tune, per se, but it gives a bit of a feel for his schtick.
The other group I'm playing with right now is led by Eddie Dixon, who's also a killer songwriter. For this group I'm playing keys (there's two of us, I'll be doing a lot of the organ parts). His myspace is at:
Yesterday was my first rehearsal for that, check out the tunes "i sit on coffee" "devil shells the road" and "outta my run". Those are some that we rehearsed.
In addition to all that magic, I've still been checking out the avant garde stuff and met local bad asssss Frank Rosaly. He is very warm and encouraging and a killer on the drumset. He's got a myspace, too and some youtube videos (try ).

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